Indus TMT bars are produced using the world`s most advanced technology. Our innovative manufacturing process is perfectly streamlined to produce the best quality TMT with higher tensile strength and ductility.

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We're constantly innovating to build better TMT products


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Our Process Innovations

At Indus, we focus on creating value for you through innovation.

1st to launch x-ribs pattern on TMT bars

Better concrete bonding with Indus TMT

1st to launch Fe-600 Grade TMT in India

Higher tensile strength and ductility.

1st to launch onsite mobile testing van

Technical product demo at your door steps.

1st to launch 12 meters exact length tmt bars.

Upto 2% reduction in steel wastage.

1st to emboss brand name in every product meter

It made it easy to identify Indus TMT steel

1st to add quality tags to every bundle

You got quality assured on Indus TMT.


We are the first company to launch x-ribs for better concrete grip and Fe-550 grade for higher tensile strength.

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Our streamlined process guarantees the best quality Fe-550D TMT which is superior chemical and mechanical properties.

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We offer our quality product at affordable prices and in a transparent manner.

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Why buy Indus TMT?

  • Xtra Bonding:
    The unique pattern of X-ribbed provide more ribbed area for concrete mixture to bond with the steel rod, enhancing the strength of the buildings.
  • Xtra Elongation:
    Indus X ribbed rods have the Xtra benefit because of higher ductility which will suit any kind of construction.
  • Xtra Safety:
    The added strength (Proof strength and Ultimate Tensile strength) to the steel rods helps in more safety for the buildings.
  • Xtra Life:
    The Xtra intrinsic corrosion resistance property of these bars gives longer life to the structure.

7000+ buildings are being built with Indus TMT

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